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Harmony by okamilover234 Harmony by okamilover234
My FAVORITE and PRECIOUS OC that has been with me since i was in elementary

Name: Harmony shu

Age: 14

Race: Human

Origin: French/Chinese

Occupation: Huntress

Likes: Firearms, anime, manga, music, video games, japanese stuff, Dogs, anything that scares people, sports, running, eletronics, computer games, Cherry blossom festival ( Japanese festival in Japan town), ramen, noodles, Halloween, neon colors, badass and tough people

Dislikes: Bright girly colors, grumpy people, dresses,anybody that dislikes anime, people who cry over little things, spoiled people and snobby people, school, classes, drama queen, people who listens the normal music, normal people, serious people, her metal arm broken, popular people, people who think there scary

Personality: She has a similar personality to Konata Izumi (Lucky star) but is sneaky, loner, athletic, and a extreme otaku badass

Music: Dubsteps, remixes, anime OP and ED, J-Rock

Past: Her mother is French and her father is Chinese but…her parents are both girls so yeah. When she was 8 her arm was bitten off from a demon that is called a shadow kitsune. And also her father died from a sickness and gave her a amulet that means Harminy as her name. Who ever tries to break or stela thw amulet is sooo dead and ever since that day she became a psycho, evil, otaku, expert with Guns

Random: Watches to much anime, read alot of manga, uses eletronics alot, is a experts at running and other sports, is good a t karaoke, can play a gutair
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August 16, 2014
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